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Becoming 'global' is the goal of many local brands and boutiques around the world. However, after speaking with Latin brands and boutique owners in the US, we’ve found key challenges that create an opportunity gap and the potential for exceptional win-win partnerships.

Let’s start with the problem

The key challenges include:

Aspire to expand to the US market but lack of know-how to take a first step.

Struggle to identify and target their target audience

Are concerned about financial, logistical, and operational risks involved

Face distrust due to supply chain issues with international brands

Struggle to identify and target their target audience

Struggle to differentiate among competing boutiques with similar offerings

This creates a strong partnership opportunity:


Local boutiques' community-centric approach provides market insights that Latin brands entering the US often lack, addressing their uncertainty about customer preferences.

Target audience identification

Boutiques gain exclusive, culturally-authentic products to stand out from local competitors, while Latin brands access an established customer base for successful US market entry.

Differentiation among competitors

Boutiques face distrust due to supply chain issues with international brands, while brands worry about logistical risks when shipping merchandise, creating an opportunity for both to partner with us to manage logistics and operations.

Operations and logistics

US boutiques and Latin Brands

Latin Brands

US Boutiques

US boutiques and Latin Brands


Our journey

We started our journey in summer ‘23 with the dream to help Latin American fashion and lifestyle brands expand internationally.

US boutiques
US boutiques
US boutiques

​ Our vision is to create a sustainable, experiential, and inclusive retail ecosystem, a true celebration of Latin culture, and a catalyst for social and economic growth. 


Our brand launch event, a first-of-its-kind experiential retail celebration of Latin fashion and culture in New York where we facilitated the market entry of eight brands to the US market.

Pitch of five brands to six boutiques in Charleston, SC, successfully matching product experiences with the right target audience, style, and pricing of boutiques, facilitating our first wholesale transactions.

First Retail tour


Pitch of four brands to six boutiques in Kansas City, MO facilitating strategic partnerships of Latin brands with local retailers.

Second Retail tour

Coming soon this Septemebr

Matching culture

Latin magic will now have a house in the US.

We go beyond transactions by fostering genuine cultural fusion, ensuring every partnership celebrates Latin heritage in American boutiques.

End-to-end Management

Don’t worry, we will handle it.

We manage everything from matchmaking to payments, ensuring a seamless and successful partnership from start to finish.


We diversify in-store experiences.

We create a win-win partnership that introduces unique products to niche audiences while helping boutiques elevate their customer experience.

Sustainability first

We curate what you see.

We showcase Latin brands that prioritize local sourcing, circular materials, and fair wages, contributing to a more ethical and eco-friendly future.

OjaLab is the leading B2B wholesale platform for Latin brands and US boutiques, eliminating challenges by seamlessly connecting Latin brands with local boutiques in the US.

We have the solution

Endorsed by 10 company executives including

We have +30 brands

from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama & Puerto Rico that trust us

Latino Magazine
Brooklyn Fashion Incubator
Parsons School Of Fashion

and more...


Let's chat

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have questions about our services, need support, or just want to learn more about OjaLáb, feel free to reach out.


Our Mission

To empower emerging Latin American brands and designers to confidently access the US market by creating long-lasting partnerships with local boutiques, simplifying connections to foster cultural exchange and economic growth.

Camila Ordoñez

Founder & CEO

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Bernardita Lira

Co-Founder & COO

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Laura Martinez

CXO & Brand Strategy

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Parker King

Business Development Consultant

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Meet the team

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